How to change site_name in website created by Concrete5?

Concrete5 is a Open Source Content Management System used to build websites using PHP and MySQL.

The following steps explain how to change the site_name in website which is created by Concrete5 Open Source CMS.

Step (1)     Sign in to your website to edit.

Step (2)     Once you signed in click on Dashboard icon to display the Dashboard.

Step (3)     Then click on Scrapbook tab. It will display the Scrapbook names.

Step (4)     Click on Global Scrapbook name and select Edit to edit the Scrapbook..

Step (5)     It will display the Edit window to allow you to change the site_name.

Step (6)     Change the site_name to your website name. And click on Update button.

Step (7)     The site_name will change to given website name. Click on Return to Website button to see your changes.

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