What changes needs to made in Business Objects XI Server after Server Migration?

After the Server Migration, the CMS name of Business Object XI Server still points to the old server. We have to manually do the configuration changes in order to point to the new server. The following steps explain the common changes we have to made after the server migration.

Step (1) Open the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) window. This window will list out all the BO servers.

Step (2) Stop all the BO severs.

Step (3) Once the BO servers are stopped, delete the servers including CMS (Central Management Server).

Step (4) Add all the deleted servers by using Add Server button. Make sure that provide the new server name under CMS name, wherever required.

Step (5) Once you made all the necessary changes start the all the servers.

Step (6) Once all the servers are up and running, access the Info View. If Info View is pointing to the old server, made the changes to point to the new server.

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