How to Colorize the Image using CBN Selector 3?

CBN Selector 3 is the powerful visualization software from CBN Systems Technology. With CBN Selector 3 you can color your own digital pictures. This is really suitable to paint your house pictures with different colors, to identify what colors are suitable to your house before painting the house.

The following steps explain how to Colorize your digital pictures using CBN Selector 3.

Step (1): Open the CBN Selector 3 application. Click on File -> Open menuitem to open your digital picture.

Step (2): Once your selected picture is opened in CBN Selector 3; now you can see 3 tabs left side of your selected picture.

  • Original Tab
  • Prepare Tab and
  • Colorize Tab

Step (3): Before paint the digital picture, you need to first Prepare it for paint. Original Tab will display the original selected digital pictutre. Prepare Tab allows to prepare the digital picture to Colorize. And Colorize Tab will allows to select the colors and apply them on digital picture. Without Prepare it is not possible to Colorize the digital picture.

Step (4): Prepare the Digitacl Picture: This step is important in order to Colorize the digital picture. Follow the below steps to Prepare the digital picture to Colorize.

  • Create SmartImage Areas. You must create SmartImage Areas before apply the colors to the digital picture. SmartImage Areas are the user-defined areas where to apply the colors on the digital piture. You can view the SmartImage Areas from SmartImage Areas window.
  • SmartImage Areas can be created/updated using the tools (ex: Polygon Marquee Tool) in Toolbox window.
  • Once you created the SmartImageAreas, select the colors you want to apply using Harmonies (or) Fandecks. Select the colors from Harmonies (or) Fandecks drag & drop them on SmartImage Areas.

Now the digital picture is prepared with colors to apply. Next step is to apply the colors.

Step (5): Colorize the Digital Picture: This step will actually apply the selected colors on selected digital picture. Keep in mind that this tool will apply the colors only on the selected image areas.

Step (6): Once the colorized digital image is ready you can export it into BMP (or) JPG format by selecting File->Export menuitem.

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