Eliminate the duplication issue in Outlook

It is commonly seen that the MS Outlook email account always full of emails, notes, drafts, contacts and other elements. As far as the organization and business sectors are worried, one cannot stop the email account from getting flooded through the emails as numerous emails are being dealt every single day. It is quite normal to get duplicate emails if you are using Outlook regularly. You may often feel disturbing whenever you see that your e-mail account has bombarded with duplicate entries again and again. Generally duplicate items could be the consequence of actions taken outside of your normal day-to-day operations. When we import data into PST file it creates duplicate entries in email account of Outlook.

The repeated occurrence associated with duplicate email entries may decelerate the performance of MS Outlook which might further lead to affect the whole communication. Moreover, it has also been observed that after a user performs types of operations like reading, deleting or jumping in one folder to another may result in malfunctioning of the e-mail application. If the email application functions unusually then the occurrence of duplicate entries might be possible. Again, duplicate items occupy additional space causing bigger storage issues in Outlook. It increases the workload and limits the capability of email client. Another possible reason for duplicate items may be small email server bandwidth, compression, or the enlargement of emails. It is recommended to maintain sufficient bandwidth and the server should be updated regularly so that no such issue may come forward.

Following steps are proposed to overcome the problem of duplicate emails in Outlook email account. This procedure helps the users to remove duplicate contacts and additional items from Outlook.

1. Point to the current view on view menu of Outlook 2007 and 2002, then click to alter folder view to table type view.
2. Right click to the column heading and select field chooser.
3. Now modified heading could be dragged to the table heading.
4. Verify that duplicate items possess a unique data from original group of items. Now, if it is unique click modified heading so that items can be sorted.
5. Select first item in the set to delete and scroll to last product in set that needs to be deleted, click last item through holding SHIFT key.
6. Now press delete completely and delete entire chosen items.

The above procedure depicts the manual way of duplicate removal from Outlook email account. If this method goes in vain, then you need to take the help of Outlook duplicate remover that will eliminate all the replicate entries including emails, contacts and other elements. Such third party tools work in searching duplicate entries in detail from the selected files. Once the tool identifies the duplicate entries it flags it and removes or moves it towards the sub folder. There are several such third party Kernel for outlook duplicate software tools which supports in removing all duplicate emails, contacts and other items from Outlook and will clean all repeated messages in no time.

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