How to add a pivot table in Microsoft Excel?

PivotTable is useful to summarize the data and drill-down on details. This article explains how to add pivot table into Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010

Step (1). Click on Insert menu and select Insert PivotTable icon to insert the PivotTable.

Step (2). Excel will open Create PivotTable dialog to allow the user to create a PivotTable.

Step (3). Now, it is required to provide the data range in order to create a PivotTable from the data range. Provide the data range into Table/Range: field. Data must exist in the given range. Otherwise, Excel will not able to create the PivotTable.

Step (4). Now, we need to specify whether Excel has to create the PivotTable in New Worksheet (or) in the Existing Worksheet by selecting the appropriate option. If we want to create the PivotTable in the Existing Worksheet, we need to provide the Location where to create the PivotTable in Location: field. Click on OK to create the PivotTable.

Step (5): Now, Excel will display the PivotTable at the given location. Now, we need to display the data into PivotTable.

Step (6): Click anywhere on PivotTable. It will display PivotTable Field List window. If PivotTable Field List window is not visible, right click on PivotTable and click on Show Field List option.

Step (7): Once the PivotTable Filed List window is visible, select the fields which needs to display in the PivotTable. Based on your requirement, you can move the Fields into Report Filter, Row Labels, Column Labels and Values areas.

Step (8): Once the required fields are selected from the PivotTable Field List window, the values/data will appear in the PivotTable.

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