The website developed using Pligg is not working properly. All links are broken. Not even possible to open Admin panel.

Pligg is the OpenSource Content Management System software useful to develop websites.

Sometimes your Pligg site will stop working, when you upgrade to newer version from old version (or) when you change any configuration settings. At that time, usually you will see the following warnings:

  • It will display “Could not open ./../modules/simple_messaging/lang.conf “ message.
  • All links will be broken.
  • Cannot allow you to access Admin page. 

Usually this will happen when any settings will go wrong. To make it work, you need to check the site settings. Following steps will explain how you can update the site settings in order to resolve the issue:

Step (1). Check whether all the entries in settings.php file are correct.

Step (2). Check $my_pligg_base where it points to.

Step (3). If your site is installed in a root folder, then keep the $my_pligg_base with NO text. Means

$my_pligg_base = ”;

Step (4). If your site is installed in a sub-folder, then keep the sub-folder name in $my_pligg_base. Means

$my_pligg_base = ‘/sub-folder-name’;

Step (5). Once you made the changes, save the changes and Refresh the web-page.

If you are able to access the Admin panel, you can also made the changes from Admin panel instead of opening the file settings.php. Direct making the changes into settings.php is not recommended.

Step (1). Go to your Pligg site’s Admin panel.

Step (2). Click on Configure menu item.

Step (3). Now click on Location Installed item. It will display “Base URL” and “Pligg Base Folder” options.

Step (4). Make necessary changes in the above fields and click on Save button to save your changes.

Once you Refresh the website, if everything went well you will see the proper website display.

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