How to enable cell dragging in Excel?

Microsoft Excel provides lot of features to the end users to experience rich functionality to easy to work with spreadsheets. One of the functionality is cell dragging; allows to automatically fill the data in cells depending on the data in the selected cells, like automatically fill the numbers, text, dates, formulas etc.,. This article explains how we can enable Cell dragging, in order to utilize rich functionality of Excel.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010

Step (1). Click on File menu. Then click on Options menu item. Excel will open “Excel Options” dialog.

Step (2). Click on Advanced tab. This will display advanced options for working with Excel.

Step (3). Now, under “Editing Options” section, select “Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop” check box.

Step (4). Click on OK button, to Save your changes.

Now cell dragging is enabled in Excel.

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