How to get number of posts per user in the website developed using phpBB?

phpBB is one of the best Forum Software used to develop forums.

Step (1). Go to cPanel. If you are not using cPanel log-in into your web hosting control panel. 

Step (2). And open phpMyAdmin window. If you are not using cPanel, you can open your hosting control panel and open the software which enables you to run SQL queries against the database using phpBB website.

Step (3). Now use the following query to find out number of users posted more forum topics and display the results in descending order by number of posts.

SELECT topic_first_poster_name, COUNT(topic_first_poster_name) FROM `phpbb_topics` GROUP BY topic_first_poster_name ORDER BY COUNT(topic_first_poster_name) DESC

  • phpbb_topics is the table name where phpBB software will store the forum topics.

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