How to deliver a message or mail at specific time and date in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the powerful and famous mail delivery software useful to send and receive mails. Microsoft Outlook provides lot of features to the end users; one of it is allow the users to send a message or mail at a given date/time.

The following steps explain how we can send a message or mail on particular date/time.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Professional Edition

Step (1). Open Microsoft Outlook.

Step (2). Click on New E-mail item under New section in Home menu.

Step (3). It will open an untitled window allows the user to prepare the message or mail.

Step (4). Once the mail or message is prepared; add recipients and add meaningful Subject line.

Step (5). Now click on Options menu. It will display Options menu items.

Step (6). Now you can see Delay Delivery item under More Options section. Click on Delay Delivery icon. It will open Properties window.

Step (7). Under Delivery Options section in Properties window, select Do not deliver before: check box and specify the date and time when you want to send this message or mail.

Step (8). Once you made necessary changes, click on Close button.

Step (9). Click on Send button to send the mail or message.

Step (10). Now go to your mailbox’s Outbox folder. You can find your delayed mail or message in your Outbox folder. Observer that the mail or message will not deliver before the specified date & time comes.

Step (11). Once the specified date & time comes, the message or mail delivers to the added recipients.

Step (12). Keep that in mind that, you should not close your Microsoft Outlook application until the delayed message or mail delivered. Otherwise the message will not deliver at the given time.

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