How to change website title for TYPO3 based websites?

TYPO3 is a CMS software useful to develop websites. The following article explains how to change title for TYPO3 based website.

Step (1). Log-in to TYPO3 based website as an administrator. Which will open TYPO3 based back-end website.

Step (2). The backend website opened with 3 columns by default. First two columns will display the hierarchical data to allow to navigate easily between the TYPO3 sections. Third column will display the details about the selected items in the first two columns. See the below screenshot:

TYPO3 back end screen

TYPO3 back end

Step (3). Expand WEB item from first column and select the Template sub-item.

Step (4). In the second column select Home item. Now in third columns it will display the Template information.

Step (5). Under Template information section in third column, you can find Title, Sitetitle and Description fields.

Step (6). You have to edit these fields in order to change the website’s title. By clicking on the Edit field (pencil icon) you can edit these field. You can edit individual fields by clicking on Edit field icon which appears before each field or you can edit the whole record by clicking on Edit the whole template record.

Step (7). Once you made the changes click on Save document icon, which is on top of the Template Tools section.

Once you done with all your changes Refresh your TYPO3 to see your changes.

If your changes are not reflected, go to your TYPO3 based back-end website and click on Clear cache icon, which is on top of the page. It will clear the cache and once you Refresh your changes, you will find your changes. See the below screenshot:

TYPO3 clear cache

TYPO3 clear cache

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