How to lock or protect cells in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel you can protect/lock the cells to disallow the users to not to modify anything in the cells. You can also select the options to not to allow the users to format the cells.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010

Step (1). Open Microsoft Excel 2010.

Step (2). Select the cells you want to lock, and click on right mouse button. It will display pop-up menu.

Step (3). Click Format Cells… menu item. It will display Format Cells dialog.

Step (4). Click on Protection tab and select Locked check box. If you don’t want to lock the selected cells, uncheck the Locked check box.

Step (5). Click on OK button to apply the changes and close the Format Cells dialog.

Step (6). Now click on Review menu. It will display Review ribbon control with Review menu items.

Step (7). Under Changes section, click on Protect Sheet item. It will display Protect Sheet dialog. This is the place where you can select the options to protect worksheet and contents of locked cells.

Step (8). Check Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells check box to protect the locked cells. This means making locked cells read-only. Select the options under Allow all users of this worksheet to: section, based on your requirements. You can enter the password under Password to unprotect sheet: field to protect the worksheet. Click on OK button to apply your changes.

Step (9). If you have provided the password, Confirm Password dialog will open to Reenter the password. Once you reenter the same password click on OK button to close the dialog.

After these changes, Microsoft Excel will not allow you to edit anything in the Locked cells. But you can edit in Un-Locked cells.

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