How to disable or remove LIVE, TAG CLOUD sections from the sidebar in Pligg based websites?

Pligg is the OpenSource Content Management System software useful to develop websites. Mostly with Pligg you can develop Social Networking sites like Digg.

This article explains how to remove or disable some of the sections displayed in sidebars in Pligg based websites.

Step (1). Log in as administrator into Pligg based website and go to Admin panel.

Step (2). Click on Configure menu and select Tags tab.

Step (3). Under Enable Tags section provide the value false to disable the tags and the tag cloud.

Step (4). Now click on Live tab, it will display configuration items related to Live tab.

Step (5). Now provide the value false under Enable Live section.

Once you made the changes, refresh your website’s home page to see your changes.

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