How to set up home page and new tabs home page in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a famous Open Source web browser; allows to extend the web browser functionality with Firefox browser ad-ins. The following steps explains, how to set up home page & new tab’s home page in Mozilla Firefox.

Step (1). Click on Tools menu & select Options menu item. It will open Options dialog.

Step (2). Select General tab.

Step (3). Under Home Page: field provide the home page URL you want to open when Firefox browser opened. This will become the default home page for your Firefox browser.

Step (4). Click on OK button to save your changes.

Firefox provides the New Tab feature, to allow the users to set up home page for New Tabs. Following steps explains to set up home page for New Tabs. Be careful to update the information; because this way is not recommended and it is more error prone.

Step (1). Type the following text in URL bar or address bar.


Step (2). Firefox will display the warning message, depending on your browser setting, to warn you to severity of making the changes like this.

Step (3). Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button to proceed further.

Step (4). Now type the following text in Search: field.


Step (5). Now double click on the new tab item which is displayed in the search results. It will open Enter string value dialog.

Step (6). Enter the URL you wants to set as a home page for New Tabs and then click on OK button.

Now close and open the Firefox browser to see the results.

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