How to clear old items in Excel PivotTable?

PivotTable is useful to summarize the data in Microsoft Excel. PivotTable is generated based on the data source. PivotTable allows to sort/filter the data displayed in the PivotTable. If we change the data source of an existing PivotTable; and when we attempt to filter/sort the data, PivotTable displays old data items along with the currently pointed data items. This article explains how to clear old data items in Microsoft Excel PivotTable in step-by-step manner.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010.

Step (1). Select the PivotTable and right click on it. It will display the pull-down menu.

PivotTable Options Menu

PivotTable Options Menu

Step (2). Click on “PivotTable Options…” menu item. It will display PivotTable Options dialog.

PivotTable Options Dialog

PivotTable Options Dialog

Step (3). Click on Data tab.

Step (4). Now select “None” value from Number of items to retain per field: combo box, which is under Retain items deleted from the data source group.

Step (5). Once you change the options, click on OK button to apply your changes.

Now the selected PivotTable will not display the old items while you are filtering/sorting the PivotTable data.

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