How to modify number of posts or topics displayed per page in phpBB based forum?

phpBB is an open source forum software. In phpBB, we can set number of posts or topics displayed per page. This article explains the steps to update the number topics per page or posts per page.

This article applies to:

  • phpBB 3.0.11

Step (1). Log-in to phpBB based forum as an Administrator.

Step (2). Click on “Administration Control Panel” link which is on bottom of the page. It will open Administration Control Panel page.

Step (3). Click on General tab and select Post Settings link under Board Configuration section, which is on left side of the page.

phpBB - Post Settings

phpBB – Post Settings

Step (4). Under Post Settings, modify the values for Topics per page: and Posts per page: fields under Posting section depending on your requirement.

phpBB - Post Settings - Posting Values

phpBB – Post Settings – Posting Values

Step (5). Once you done with your changes, click on Submit button which is in Submit changes section to save your changes.

Step (6). Now click on Board index link which is on top of the forum page and check for the number of topics or posts displayed for forums.

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