How to create a Package in Web Host Manager (WHM) Control Panel?

In Web Host Manager, Packages are used to setting up limitations of resources an account is allowed to use. Packages can be applied to any account hosted by your server. This article explains the steps to create a new Package in Web Host Manager Control Panel. Web Host Manager is a pretty famous web-based tool used to manage web hosting accounts hosted on the servers.

This article applies to:

  • WHM 11.38.2

Step (1). Log-in to WHM Control Panel.

Step (2). Click on Packages tab on left side pane in the Control Panel. It will display package functions.

WHM - Packages Functions

WHM – Packages Functions

Step (3). Click on Add a Package icon. It will open a pane with package fields to allow you to create a package.

WHM - Add a Package

WHM – Add a Package

Step (4). Provide package name in Package Name field.

Step (5). Under Resources section, provide the value in Mega Bytes for disk space in Disk quota (MB) field. This quota allows to allots amount of disk space for an account.

Step (6). Provide monthly bandwidth value in Monthly bandwidth (MB) in Mega Bytes.

Step (7). Provide the necessary value(s) for rest of the fields.

Step (8). Once you done with the changes, click on Add button to create a Package.

Step (9). If everything went well, it will show a Success message. If the package is already exists it will show the error prompt. You should give an unique package name or if you want to update an existing package, you should edit the package.

WHM - ERROR - Package already exists.

WHM – ERROR – Package already exists.

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