How to insert current date and time into Microsoft Word document?

Microsoft Word provides the feature to allow the user to insert current date and time in different formats. This article explains the steps to insert current data & time in word document.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Office 2010

Step (1). Open Microsoft Word document.

Step (2). Place the cursor where you want to display current data and time.

Step (3). Click on Insert menu. It will display insert menu items.

Microsoft Word - Insert Menu

Microsoft Word – Insert Menu

Step (4). Click on Date & Time menu item which is under Text group. It will display Date and Time dialog.

Microsoft Word - Date and Time dialog

Microsoft Word – Date and Time dialog

Step (5). Select the date format you want to display under Available formats: list.

Step (6). Check Update automatically check-box. This option is useful if you want to update the date automatically. This means, whenever you open the document the inserted date field will update automatically with the current date.

Step (7). Once you made your changes click on OK button to insert current Date & Time.

Save your document once you update your changes.

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