How to add POP3 email accounts in Gmail?

Usually we will configure our email accounts to desktop email applications eg: Microsoft Outlook. Gmail also provides the feature to allow the users to add their email accounts. This article explains how to add an email account to Gmail.

Step (1). Log-in into your Gmail account.

Step (2). Click on Settings icon which is right side of the page.

Gmail - Settings icon

Gmail – Settings icon

It will display a pull-down menu.

Gmail - Settings menu

Gmail – Settings menu

Step (3). From pull-down menu click on Settings menu item. It will display the Settings page with multiple tabs.

Step (4). Click on Accounts tab. It will display accounts related settings.

Gmail - Settings - Accounts

Gmail – Settings – Accounts

Step (5). Now click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own” link which is next to “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3):” field. It will display “Add a mail account you own” window.

Gmail - Add a mail account you own

Gmail – Add a mail account you own

Step (6). In “Add a mail account you own” window, provide the email account you want to add to Gmail in Email address: field. For eg:

Step (7). Click on “Next Step” button to allow the user to provide email account settings for the given email address.

Gmail - Enter mail settings

Gmail – Enter mail settings

Step (8). Enter the values for the following fields:

Username: Provide the username of your email account.

Password: Provide the password of your email account.

POP Server: Provide the Incoming Server name to allow to access emails.

Port: Provide the port value.

Step (9). Check the “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.” option if your incoming POP server provides secure connection. Make sure that relevant port is selected in Port field for secure connection.

Step (10). Once you provide all the values for the email account click on “Add Account” button.

Step (11). If the account is successfully added, your Gmail account can retrieve mails from the added account. If any errors in adding the account the errors will display on the screen.

Gmail - Send mail as

Gmail – Send mail as

Step (12). Once the account is successfully added, select “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as” option. This option allows to send mails as your account. That means while composing the mail you can select your mail account as From: address. If you don’t want to send mail as your account select “No” option. Once you select “No” option, it will display Finish button to finish the adding account.

Step (13). When you select “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as” option, you need to select SMTP servers. You can send your mail through Gmail SMTP server or send through your account’s SMTP servers. You can select the required option here and click on Next Step button when you select “Send through Gmail” option (or) click on Add Account button when you select “Send through your account’s SMTP servers” option to go to next step.

Gmail - Send mail through your SMTP Server

Gmail – Send mail through your SMTP Server

Step (14). If you select the option to send mail through your SMTP server you need to provide your email account’s Outgoing SMTP Server details. Provide the following details:

SMTP Server: Provide your mail account’s SMTP Server name.

Port: Provide the port number.

Username: Provide your mail account’s username.

Password: Provide your mail account’s password.

Select the Secured connection using SSL option.

Step (15). If you select “Send through Gmail” option in Step (14) you need to verify your email address. Gmail will prompt you the below message and you need to click Send Verification button. Gmail will send a mail to your mail account to verify that you own the email account. Follow the instructions in the mail to verify your account.

Gmail - Verify email address

Gmail – Verify email address

Step (16). If you select “Send through you mail account’s SMTP Servers” option in Step (14), Gmail will send you a confirmation code to your mail account. You need to verify your mail account’s ownership by entering the confirmation code in “Enter and verify the confirmation code” field and click on Verify button to verify your account.

Gmail - Confirm verification and add your mail address

Gmail – Confirm verification and add your mail address

Step (17). Once you verify your account your mail account will be added into Gmail. You can verify this under Accounts tab in Settings page. Your account will be added under Check mail from other accounts (using POP3): field. If your added send mail as your account, your mail account details will be displayed Send mail as: field.

Gmail - Accounts with added mail accounts

Gmail – Accounts with added mail accounts

You can verify whether Gmail is receiving mails for your mail account by sending mails to your mail account and you can find the mails in your Gmail Inbox or Spam folder.

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