How to install Pligg modules?

Pligg is one of the famous open source content management system useful to create community web-sites. Pligg functionality can be extended by creating custom modules. Once you created the custom module you need to install it in Pligg. So Pligg can run the functionality provided in the custom module.

Below are the  steps to install Pligg modules in Pligg system.

Step (1). Download the module you want to install into Pligg. Usually modules comes with .zip format and should maintain the folder structure what Pligg supports.

Step (2). Log-in into your Pligg based website’s control panel (Your site’s control panel must be provided by the hosting provider).

Step (3). Go to the folder where you installed your Pligg based website. For eg: it will be /home/public_html/your-website-name/

Step (4). You will find the modules folder. Open the modules folder.

Step (5). Verify the folder structure inside the downloaded custom module. It should contains a folder inside, underneath all module files will be placed. So when we extract the ZIP file, the files will be extracted into the folder instead of extracting to the location from where we extracted the ZIP file.

Step (6). Now upload the ZIP file into your site’s modules folder.

Step (7). Extract the ZIP file. The modules files will be extracted into the folder and the folder will be added into modules folder.

Step (8). Now log-in into your Pligg based website as an administrator.

Step (9). Go to website’s Admin Panel by clicking on Admin menu which is on top of the website.

Pligg - Admin menu

Pligg – Admin menu

Step (10). Scroll down in Admin Panel page and look for Modules section in left side of the page. You will find the module just installed into Pligg system here. Once you click on the module name, it will open the module’s Settings page to allow you to do any module specific settings.

Pligg - Admin panel - Modules

Pligg – Admin panel – Modules

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