How to enable SpamAssassin using cPanel?

SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system used for email spam filtering based on the large set of content-matching rules. SpamAssassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures.

Follow the below steps to enable SpamAssassin using cPanel.

Step (1). Log-in into your website’s control panel (cPanel).

Step (2). Look for SpamAssassin icon, which is usually grouped under MAIL section.

cPanel - SpamAssassin icon

cPanel – SpamAssassin icon

Step (3). Click on SpamAssassin icon. It will open SpamAssassin configuration page.

cPanel - SpamAssassin configuration page

cPanel – SpamAssassin configuration page

Step (4). Click on Enable SpamAssassin button to enable SpamAssassin. Once you click on Enable SpamAssassin button will turn into Disable SpamAssassin button to allow you to disable SpamAssassin whenever you want by clicking on it.

Once the SpamAssassin is enabled, all the emails are scanned for spam and SpamAssassin gives a score based on the content matching rules.

Step (5). Under Filters section, it allows to auto-delete the messages which are marked as spam.

  • Click on Auto-Delete Spam button to enable this feature.
  • Once you enable it, SpamAssassin will auto-delete the messages marked as spam whose score value is 5 (by default) or higher. You can adjust the default score value 5, by selecting the score value from combo-box.

You can disable Auto-Delete Spam feature, by clicking on Disable Auto-Delete Spam button.

Step (6). Spam Box feature is useful to deliver all the messages which are marked as spam into a separate mail folder name “spam”.

  • Click on Enable Spam Box button which is under Spam Box section to enable Spam Box feature. Once you click on Enable Spam Box button, it will turn into Disable Spam Box to allow to disable Spam Box feature by clicking on it.
  • It is your responsibility to periodically check the “spam” folder and clean-up.
  • By clicking on Clear Spam Box button, it will emptied the “spam” folder.

Step (7). Click on “Configure SpamAssassin” button to configure advanced settings for SpamAssassin.

cPanel - SpamAssassin - Advanced configuration settings

cPanel – SpamAssassin – Advanced configuration settings

  • You can provide the addresses into blacklist_from list to deny or blacklist to receive messages from these addresses. Usually you can specify the addresses deliver spam messages but incorrectly tagged as non-spam.
  • Provide the required score value in required_score field to set the number of hits required before a message is considered as a spam message.
    • 5 is the default value. 1 is the most strict and 10 is the least strict.
  • You can re-score the BAYES rules by specifying entries into score fields. Don’t enter any values in these fields until you aware of how SpamAssassin learning functions will work.
  • whitelist_from list allows to provide addresses which are incorrectly tagged as spam.

Both whitelist_from and blacklist_from lists support wildcards (“*” and “?”) in their addresses i.e.,, *, * all will work. Keep that in mind that these lists doesn’t support regular expressions.

Once you make the necessary changes in SpamAssassin advanced configuration page, click on Save button to save your changes.

Step (8). Open your website’s mail accounts and look for spam mails in “spam” folders, if Spam Box is enabled.

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