How to export Microsoft Project plan to an image file?

Microsoft Project is a famous application to design project plans. Microsoft Project allows to export the project plan to different file formats like PDF, Excel, XPS, XML, Text etc.,

This article explains the steps to save the project plan as an Image file.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Project 2010.

Step (1). Open Microsoft Project plan in Microsoft Project application.

Step (2). Select your entire project plan by clicking on top-left corner of Task Pane. It will select all entries from Task Pane.

Microsoft Project - Task Pane - Select all

Microsoft Project – Task Pane – Select all

Step (3). Click on Task tab from Ribbon Control.

Step (4). Click on Copy icon which is under Clipboard group Or press Ctrl + C keys from keyboard. Your project plan is copied into Clipboard.

Microsoft Project - Copy button

Microsoft Project – Copy button

Step (5). Now you can open any of the image editing software and paste your copied image. Once you pasted from Clipboard, Save the image into a file.

You can also copy the project plan using Copy Picture dialog.

Step (6). Click on arrow mark which is next to Copy icon under Clipboard group. It will open a pull-down menu.

Microsoft Project - Copy pull-down menu

Microsoft Project – Copy pull-down menu

Step (7). Click on Copy Picture menu item. It will open Copy Picture dialog.

Step (8). Copy Picture dialog allows you to copy the project plan:

  • For screen image, printer image or to save as GIF image file.
  • Copy visible rows on screen or copy selected tasks.
  • Copy based on the Timescale as shown on screen or based on the given dates.
Microsoft Project - Copy Picture dialog

Microsoft Project – Copy Picture dialog

Step (9). Select To GIF image file: radio button under Render image section and provide the file name to save as a GIF image file in the text box.

Step (10). Select Rows on screen radio button under Copy section.

Step (11). Under Timescale section, provide From: date & To: dates to select the project tasks based on the given timescale values. Usually these are Project Start & End dates.

Step (12). Once you make the necessary changes based on your requirement, click on OK button to save your project plan as a GIF image file.

Step (13). Go to the location where you want to save the GIF image file and check whether the image is properly saved or not. If it is not proper, repeat the above necessary steps and make the changes accordingly from Copy Picture dialog.

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