How to turn the Welcome screen on or off in Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver application will display a Welcome screen when you start the application. From Welcome screen you can quickly create a new file or project, open recent items and quick links to some of the common help topics. Welcome screen will be displayed depending on your application settings.

Below are the steps to display or hide Welcome screen when you open Adobe Dreamweaver application.

This applies to:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

Turn On Welcome Screen:

Step (1). Click on Edit menu. It will display a pull-down menu.

Adobe Dreamweaver - Edit menu

Adobe Dreamweaver – Edit menu

Step (2). Select Preferences… menu item. It will display a Preferences dialog.

Adobe Dreamweaver - Preferences dialog

Adobe Dreamweaver – Preferences dialog

Step (3). Select General tab under Category list which displays in left side of the dialog. The General options will be displayed in right side of the dialog.

Step (4). Check Show Welcome Screen check box under Document Options: section.

Step (5). Click on OK button to save your changes and close Preferences dialog.

Step (6). Once you restart you Adobe Dreamweaver application, you will see the Welcome screen displayed.

Adobe Dreamweaver - Welcome screen

Adobe Dreamweaver – Welcome screen

Turn Off Welcome Screen:

Step (1). From Welcome screen check the check box Don’t show again which is displayed bottom of the Welcome screen. Next time when you open the Adobe Dreamweaver application, Welcome screen will not be displayed.

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