How to turn “Formula AutoComplete” feature on or off in Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel provides useful feature “Formula AutoComplete” to make it easier to create or edit formulas and to minimize typing and syntax errors. Once this feature is enabled, Microsoft Excel displays a dynamic drop-down list box contains valid functions, names and text strings that match the typed letters in the cell.

Below are the steps to turn Formula AutoComplete feature on or off.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010

Step (1). Click on File menu, then select Options tab.

Microsoft Excel - File menu

Microsoft Excel – File menu

Step (2). Once you select Options tab, Microsoft Excel will display “Excel Options” dialog to allow you to change Excel options settings.

Microsoft Excel - Excel Options dialog

Microsoft Excel – Excel Options dialog

Step (3). Click on Formulas tab from left side pane in Excel Options” dialog. It will display the options related to formula calculation, performance and error handling in right-side pane.

Step (4). Select the check-box Formula AutoComplete which is under Working with formulas section to turn on Formula AutoComplete feature. To turn off this feature un-check the same check-box..

Step (5). Once you made your changes, click on OK button to save your changes and close Excel Options dialog.

Step (6). Now start entering or editing formulas in cells. Once you start typing the formula in the cell, if this feature is on, Microsoft Excel will display a list of relevant functions and defined names in dynamic drop-down list box.

Microsoft Excel - Dynamic drop-down list with relevant functions

Microsoft Excel – Dynamic drop-down list with relevant functions

You can also turn this feature on or off by selecting ALT + Down Arrow keys from the keyboard when the formula in edit mode i.e., when you are entering or editing the formula in the cell.

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