How to enable or disable Pop-up Blocker in Mozilla FireFox?

Pop-ups or pop-up windows will display automatically on top of the browser window without your knowledge. Usually advertisers’ messages will be displayed on pop-up windows. When you are seriously browsing the internet; suddenly pop-up windows will appear on top of your browser window without your knowledge and it will be very inconvenient to you to browse the internet.

Mozilla Firefox provides a way to block all these pop-up windows using pop-up blocker. Remember, it is not a good idea to block all the pop-ups. Because, some of the websites will use pop-ups to provide useful information; if you block all pop-ups, you might miss this useful information. So, the solution is, block pop-ups from unwanted websites and allow pop-ups from wanted websites. Firefox provides an interface to allow pop-ups from wanted websites.

This article explains the steps to enable or disable pop-up blocker and also allow pop-ups from wanted websites.

This article applies to:

  • Mozilla Firefox 27.x

Step (1). Click on Firefox button which is on top of the browser window. It will display a menu.

Mozilla Firefox - Options menu

Mozilla Firefox – Options menu

Step (2). Click on Options menu item. It will display “Options” dialog.

Mozilla Firefox - Options dialog

Mozilla Firefox – Options dialog

Step (3). Click on Content tab from “Options” dialog.

Step (4). Check Block pop-up windows check box to enable pop-up blocker. Un-check it to disable pop-up blocker.

Step (5). Even though the pop-up blocker is enabled, still you can specify which websites are allowed to open pop-up windows. You can enter the allowed websites by clicking on Exception… button which is next to Block pop-up windows check box.

Step (6). It will open “Allowed Sites – Pop-ups” dialog to allow you to enter which websites are allowed to open pop-up windows.

Mozilla Firefox - Allowed sites - pop-ups dialog

Mozilla Firefox – Allowed sites – pop-ups dialog

Step (7). Provide the URL of the website in Address of website: field and then click on Allow button to add the website to the allowed websites list which is displayed below the Allow button.

Step (8). Remove Site button is useful to remove selected website and Remove All Sites button will remove all websites from the list of websites allowed to display pop-ups.

Step (9). Once you entered websites list in “Allowed Sites – Pop-ups” dialog, click on Close button to close the dialog.

Step (10). Click on OK button from “Options” dialog. It will save your changes and close the “Options” dialog.

Browser the internet, and you can find pop-up windows are blocked from un-wanted websites and pop-ups are displayed from wanted websites.

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