Blend: Creating a border-less Window

It is easy to create border-less window using WPF application by simply selecting relevant properties for Window object. Blend provides rich user interface to alter the selected object’s properties.

This article explains the steps to create a simple border-less Window using Blend.

This article applies to:

  • Blend (Version 5.0) for Visual Studio 2012.

Step (1). Open Blend for Visual Studio application.

Step (2). Create a new WPF Application project. Blend will display the application canvas window.

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio - Project Canvas

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio – Project Canvas

Step (3). Select the Window object from “Objects and Timelines” pane. Blend will display the properties of the Window object in “Properties” pane.

Step (4). From “Properties” pane, under Appearance section; click on WindowStyle combo box and from drop-down list, select None value.

Step (5). Save the project from File menu.

Step (6). Run Project from Project menu. Blend will display the border-less Window as a result.

Add controls to Window and add events to it to develop a rich user interface application.

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