Skype: Adding Contacts

We can add contacts into our Skype accounts through two ways. One is by adding a phone number and another one is by searching Skype directory to find existing contacts and add them into our account.

This article explains different ways to add contacts to Skype contacts list:

This article applies to:

  • Skype 6.11

Step (1). Sign-in into Skype using your user credentials.

Step (2). Click on “Add Contact” icon. Skype will display options in left pane to allow to choose either “save a phone number” or search in Skype directory.

You can even select these options through Skype menu.

Skype - "Add Contact" menu

Skype – “Add Contact” menu

  • Select Contacts menu. It will display a Contacts menu.
  • Select “Add Contact” menu item from Contacts menu. It will display “Add Contact” sub-menu.
  • From “Add Contacts” sub-menu; choose either “Save a Phone Number…” or “Search Skype Directory…” options to add contact to your Skype account’s contacts list.

Step (3). Click on “save a phone number” link from left side pane. Skype will display “Save a phone number” fields in right pane.

Skype - Add Contact - Save a Phone Number

Skype – Add Contact – Save a Phone Number

  • Provide the Name of the contact in Name field.
  • Add Phone number into Number field. To select the country code:
    • Click on Country flag. Skype will display list of country codes in drop-down list.
    • Select the country code from drop-down list.
  • Select phone number type from Type field.
    • Click on Type field. Skype will display a pull-down menu.
    • Select either Mobile, Home, Office or Other value from pull-down menu.
  • Click on Add number button.

Now this contact will add into your Skype account’s contacts list.

Step (4). Search for existing contacts in Skype directory by entering their names, Skype names or emails in Search box.


Skype – Add Contact – Search Skype directory

  • Skype will display the matching results in left side pane.
  • Select the contact you want to add to your contacts. Once you selected the contact; the contact details will be displayed on right side pane.
  • From right side pane, click on “Add to Contacts” button to add the selected contact into your Skype account’s contacts list.

You can find the added contacts in your Skype account’s contacts list.

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