How to search with in the files in windows 7?

Windows Explorer allows to search files within the folders or its sub-folders. We can also search for content with-in the files. Unlike earlier versions of Windows, the user interface to search with-in the files is different and by default this option is disabled. This article explains how to enable Windows Explorer to search with in the files.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 7

Step (1). Open Windows Explorer.

Step (2). Click on Organize tab. It will open pull-down menu.

Windows Explorer - "Folder search options" menu

Windows Explorer – “Folder search options” menu

Step (3). From pull-down menu, click on Folder and search options menu item. It will open “Folder Options” dialog.

Windows Explorer - "Folder Options" dialog

Windows Explorer – “Folder Options” dialog

Step (4). From “Folder Options” dialog, click on Search tab. It will display, search options.

Step (5). Click on “Always search file names and contents” option which is under “What to search” group.

Now Windows Explorer enables to search within the files.

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