Windows 7: How to change “Computer Name”?

Computer Name is required for uniqueness to identify the computer within the domain. So, you have to give unique name for each computer within the domain.

This article explains the steps to change “Computer Name” in Windows 7 Operating System.

Step (1). Go to Desktop window.

Step (2). Locate My Computer icon and right click on it. Windows will display a pop-up menu.

Windows - My Computer - Properties menu

Windows – My Computer – Properties menu

Step (3). Select Properties menu item from pop-up menu. Windows will display a system window where it will display basic information about your computer.

Windows - System Control Panel window

Windows – System Control Panel window

Step (4). Click on Change settings link which is under “Computer name, domain, and wrorkgroup settings” section.  Windows will display “System Properties” dialog.

Windows - "System Properties" dialog

Windows – “System Properties” dialog

Step (5). From “System Properties” dialog, click on Change button. Windows will display “Computer Name/Domain Changes” dialog.

Windows - "Computer Name/Domain Changes" dialog

Windows – “Computer Name/Domain Changes” dialog

Step (6). On “Computer Name/Domain Changes” dialog, enter the name of the computer in “Computer name:” field. When you are entering the name, “Full computer name:” field will be automatically displayed.

Step (7). If your system is within the domain, enter domain name under “Domain:” field. Otherwise, if your system is a standalone system, select Workgroup: option and enter the name of the workgroup in the text box.

Step (8). Once you made the changes, click on OK button to close “Computer Name/Domain Changes” dialog.

Step (9). From “System Properties” dialog, click on OK button to apply your changes.

Now you changed your computer name. Once you change the computer name, your previously shared file uri names will not work. For eg: Your computer name was “Mimic” and you changed it to “Gimmic”, the file uri “\\Mimic\SharedFolder” will not work. It should be now “\\Gimmic\SharedFolder”.

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