Windows 7: How to show/hide Desktop icons?

Windows Desktop window contains icons to allow the users to quickly open applications or folders. Usually Desktop window contains:

  • Computer icon – Shows available disk drives and hardware connected to the computer
  • Network icon – Allows to access the computers and devices which are on the network
  • Recycle Bin icon – It contains the deleted files or folders.
  • Along with these icons Desktop window contains other shortcut icons to files or folders. Even you can place you own files or folders on Desktop window. But usually it is not recommended to place files or folders on Desktop window; instead of it, place them into appropriate folders.

This article explains how to show or hide the Desktop icons.

Step (1). Go to Windows Desktop window.

Step (2). Right click on Desktop window. Windows will display a pop-up menu.


Windows - Desktop pop-up menu

Windows – Desktop pop-up menu

Step (3). From pop-up menu, select View menu item. Windows will display a sub-menu.

Step (4). From sub-menu:

  • Select Show desktop icons menu item to display the icons on Desktop window.
  • Un-select Show desktop icons menu item to hide the icons on Desktop window.

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