Internet Explorer 9: Configure Internet Explorer to use a Proxy Server

Proxy Server is a server that acts as a security barrier between your system and the Internet.

This article explains the steps to use a Proxy Server over a LAN (Local Area Network).

Step (1). Open Internet Explorer.

Step (2). Click on Tools menu. Internet Explorer will display a pull-down menu.

Internet Explorer - Tools menu

Internet Explorer – Tools menu

Step (3). From pull-down menu, select Internet Options menu item. Internet Explorer will display “Internet Options” dialog.


Internet Explorer – Internet Options dialog

Step (4). From “Internet Options” dialog, click on Connections tab.

Step (5). On Connections tab, click on LAN settings button. Internet Explorer will display Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog.

Internet Explorer - "Local Area Network Settings" dialog

Internet Explorer – “Local Area Network Settings” dialog

Step (6). Select Use a proxy server for your LAN check box; which is under Proxy server group.

  • Provide proxy server address in Address: field.
  • Provide port number in Port: field.
  • If you want to bypass proxy server for local addresses, select Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box.

Step (9). Click on OK button.

Step (10). Click on OK button on Internet Options dialog to apply the changes.

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