Drupal 7: How to enable/disable Modules?

Drupal allows to extend its functionality through modules. Drupal will display all installed modules in its modules page. And it allows to enable or disable the modules. Drupal will load and run the modules which are enabled.

This article explains the steps to enable/disable modules in Drupal 7.

Step 1. Log-in into your Drupal based website as an administrator. Drupal will open administrator control panel.

Step 2. Click on Modules link from top navigation. Drupal will open the Modules page.

Drupal 7 - Modules page with Example module information

Drupal 7 – Modules page with “Example” module information

Step 3. From Modules page, select the checkbox associated with the modules.

  • To enable the module, select the checkbox.
  • To disable the module, uncheck the checkbox.

Step 4. Click on “Save configuration” button to save the configuration.


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