Visual Stduio 2012: Show or Hide “Start Page”

Visual Studio 2012 IDE by default displays a Start Page; from where we can access recent projects and much more. If we don’t want to show this Start Page when we start Visual Studio 2012 IDE (Integrated Development Environment); we can do that as well.

This article explains the steps on how to show or hide Start Page when Visual Studio 2012 IDE starts up.

Step 1. Open Visual Studio 2012 IDE.

Step 2. Click on Tools menu. Visual Studio will display a pull-down menu.

Visual Studio 2012 - Tools menu

Visual Studio 2012 – Tools menu

Step 3. From pull-down menu, select “Options…” menu item. Visual Studio will display Options dialog.

Visual Studio 2012 - Options dialog - "Show empty environment"

Visual Studio 2012 – Options dialog – “Show empty environment”

Step 4. On Options dialog, Visual Studio will display the list of options in left side pane and their settings in the right side pane.

Select Environment node from left pane. Visual Studio will expand the Environment node and display its items.

Step 5. Select Startup item under Environment node from left side pane. Visual Studio will display the settings related to Startup in right side pane.

Step 6. From right side pane, select “At startup:” combo box (or drop down list box). Visual Studio will display list of options.

  • Select “Show empty environment” when you want to hide the Start Page.
  • Select “Show Start Page” when you want to show the Start Page.

Step 7. Click on OK button to save your changes.

Step 8. Restart Visual Studio 2012 IDE and observe that depending on your settings Start Page will be shown or hidden.

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