WordPress 3: Post Revisions

WordPress provides the flexibility to store revisions of posts. That means, WordPress stores the posts into post revisions whenever you modify the post. This really helpful to retrieve the post information from post revisions when you miss some information in the current post. WordPress stores all the post revisions into the database like it stores the posts.

WordPress revisions allows to view, compare, and restore other versions of the post content.

Lets look at how to view, compare and restore versions of the post.

Step 1. Log in into your WordPress site as an administrator.

Step 2. Go to the posts and edit any existing post. WordPress will display “Edit Post” page from where you allowed to edit the post.

Step 3. Observe that, on right side of the “Edit Post” page, under Publish section, you will find “Revisions:” field. This field displays the number of post revisions WordPress stores for this post.

WordPress 3 - "Edit Post" page - Publish section

WordPress 3 – “Edit Post” page – Publish section

If the number is “4”, which means “4” revisions are available in the database for this post.

Step 4. Click on Browse link which is next to the “Revisions:” field to browse the post revisions. WordPress will display “Compare Revisions” page.

WordPress 3 - Browse Revisions

WordPress 3 – Browse Revisions

Step 4.1. To view different version of the post, select the particular version from revision bar (which is on top of the page) or you can view the revisions by clicking on Previous or Next buttons. When you click on Previous button, WordPress will navigate to previous revision from currently displaying version. Next button will display the next revision of the post from currently displaying revision.

Step 4.2. Select the check box “Compare any two versions” to compare between two selected versions of the post. WordPress will display the difference between two revisions of the post.

Step 4.3. Select the revision of the post you want to restore and click on “Restore This Revision” button. WordPress will restore the selected revision and once you navigate to “Edit Post” page, you will see the restored version of the post. When you publish the post or update the post this restored version will be published or updated.

Step 5. Click on “Return to post editor” to go back to “Edit Post” page.

Once you edit the post and saved it; WordPress will create a new revision for the changed post.


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