Microsoft Outlook 2013: How to find product information?

In this article I am going to explain the steps to display product information of installed Microsoft Outlook 2013 application. And also explain how to change theme, background and product key of the installed Outlook product.

Step 1. Click on File menu from Microsoft Outlook 2013 application window.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 - Main Menu

Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Main Menu

Step 2. Click on “Office Account” tab from left side pane. Microsoft Outlook will display Account information in right side pane.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 - Account Information pane

Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Account Information pane

Step 3. On Account information pane, Microsoft Outlook will display “User Information” on left hand side and “Product Information” on right hand side.

Step 3.1. Account information allows to change the look and feel of the office applications.

  • Select the background from “Office Background:” field. “Office Background:” is a combo-box, select the background value from the combo-box.
  • Select the office theme from “Office Theme:” field. Click on it, Outlook will display a drop-down list; select the theme from drop-down list.

Step 3.2. If you want to change product key, click on “Change Product Key” link. Outlook will display “Enter your product key” dialog to allow the user to enter the product key.

  • Enter the valid product key and click on Continue button.

Step 3.3. Click on “About Outlook” button to display more information about your installed Outlook product. Outlook application will display “About Microsoft Outlook” dialog with product id, copyright information etc.,.

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