MyBB 1.6: How to change MyBB logo or Theme logo.?

In this Article I am going to explain how to change the logo image of MyBB forum. This Article applies to:

  • MyBB 1.6.12 version.
  • May be will work on other versions too. But I didn’t test it. 🙂
MyBB forum logo

Your MyBB forum logo

  1. Go to file browser where your MyBB Forum files are located.
  2. Upload your own image file into images folder. For example: in cPanel’s file browser, we need to upload the file into public_html/images folder location.
  3. Now you have the file ready in your web server. Next step is to instruct MyBB to display you image file instead of MyBB default logo file. Below steps will do.
  4. Log-in into your MyBB Forum account using your admin user credentials. Once you login, you will see something like below text in your Admin panel.

    Welcome back, sahida. You last visited: Yesterday, 09:01 AM (User CP — Mod CP — Admin CP — Log Out)
    Open Buddy ListView New Posts | View Today’s Posts | Private Messages (Unread 0, Total 0)

  5. Click on “Admin CP” link.
  6. MyBB software will again asks you to enter your admin user credentials. Enter the admin user credentials.
  7. Once you log in into MyBB forum, you will see “Themes” link in your Admin panel. Usually this will appear under Quick Access group. Click on Themes link.
  8. MyBB Admin panel will display list of Themes currently setup for the Forum. The display will be something like below:
    Theme # Users Controls
    MyBB Master Style
    0 Options
    4 Options
  9. Click on Options link / button which is next to the currently active Theme. In this case it is Default.
  10. MyBB will display below list to allow the administrator to manage the Theme.


  11. From the drop down box click on “Edit Theme” menu item. MyBB will display multiple options to allow you to edit the theme.
  12. By default, when you click on Edit Theme link / menu item; MyBB will takes you to Edit Stylesheets tab. This is the place where you can easily manage the stylesheets of the selected theme.
  13. Scroll down little bit, and under Edit Theme Properties, you can find below option to allow you to edit the logo image.

    Board Logo

    Location of the board logo used in this theme (this is the logo that appears at the top of each page).
  14. Now you change the image name to the image what you have uploaded initially into the web server. For example: if your image name is myownlogo.gif; after the change the setting looks like below:
  15. Once you done with the change; click on “Save Theme Properties” button / link which is bottom of the current page where you are editing the changes. If the changes are success, you will see below message:

    The properties for the select theme have been updated successfully.

  16. Now Refresh your MyBB forum page; and you will see MyBB default logo is replaced with your own logo.

🙂 Sahida

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