MyBB : How to fix the error “There was a problem communicating with the version server. Please try again in a few minutes” ?

When I am dealing with MyBB websites, I found below error and after modifying some settings, was able to fix the error. And the error was not shown. Would like to share how I fixed this issue for MyBB website(s).

  • This article applies to MyBB version 1.6.x.

Usually below error you see, if there is an issue:

MyBB Version Check error

MyBB Version Check error

The following errors were encountered:
There was a problem communicating with the version server. Please try again in a few minutes.

You are seeing this error for your MyBB website, means; something is not working properly. We will see, how to fix this issue.

  1. Usually this error will shown, when MyBB attempts to call the functions in version_check.php file.
  2. You can find verison_check.php file under /admin/modules/home/ folder location.
  3. Open the file version_check.php, and look for below code:

    $contents = fetch_remote_file(“”);

  4. It seems, everything fine. But for me it doesn’t work. I have updated http: with https:

    $contents = fetch_remote_file(“”);

  5. Save the changes once the changes are done. Now we need to verify whether this is working fine.
  6. Log-in as an admin to your MyBB account. Again log-in into Administrative Control Panel. By default, MyBB will display the Dashboard. And for me, it displays below message:

    You are currently running MyBB 1.6.12 whilst the latest generally available release is MyBB 1.8.12 (1812).

    That shows to upgrade to latest version of MyBB forum software. Lets’ don’t worry about this now. We need to verify whether we are getting the above error or not.

  7. Click on Version Check link, which is left side of the Home page. This will trigger to call the functions in version_check.php file, which we just modified.
  8. Observe that, we will not see the error again. For me it showing MyBB version details. That means, this is fixed and working as expected.

🙂 Sahida

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