Dolphin : How to change “YourCompany” text in the footer ?

I have installed Dolphin web-software to create my own online social network / community web site. And I used to do modifications / customize my website myself.

After the installation of Dolphin 7.3.4 web-software, I can see “YourCompany” text in my web-site footer. And I would like to change this with my web-site / company name. I have done some investigation and finally found how to do this. Here I am sharing the knowledge through this Article.

Below are the steps to modify “YourCompany” text in Dolphin’s community web site.


  1. Dolphin web-software has one great feature is its’ powerful language system; it allows the users to manage their language settings as Keys (a placeholder text) and shown in different languages based on the language settings the user has selected.
  2. “YourCompany” text is also displaying from one of the key and we have to figure out and change that text to appear it in the footer. We will see how to change it through below steps:
  3. Log-in as an administrator to your own Dolphin’s online social network site.
  4. Once you log-in into Admin panel, you will see below navigation menu on your page.


  5. Click on Settings link and it will expand sub navigation menu, and it contains below links.

    Admin Password
    Basic Settings
    Advanced Settings
    Languages Settings
    Membership Levels
    Email Templates
    Privacy Settings
    Categories Settings

  6. Click on Language Settings menu item. Your web-site will open, Language Settings page to allow the user manage the language settings.
  7. Now we need to figure out how we will see “YourCompany” text. As mentioned before, Dolphin web-software will maintain, list of .keys for text placeholders to display them depending on the language settings.
  8. Type “YourCompany” text in the Filter: box and click on Apply checkbox.
  9. Now you will see _copyright (System) language Key. Click on the Edit link, next to the Key. Your web site will display the settings to allow the user to modify the _copyright (System) language Key.
  10. Now you will see, “© {0} YourCompany” under String Text For English Language field. I hope you have selected English as your web site language.
  11. Change the YourCompany text with your company name and click on SAVE button.
  12. Now refresh your we page and you will see, “YourCompany” name in your web site footer is changed with the name you have just given.

I hope this Article helps. Please give your feedback in the below comment(s) box.

Enjoy Reading!

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