Microsoft Windows 7 : How to setup the configuration to remove the files without moving them to Recycle Bin ?

When we delete the files in Windows, by default Windows Operating System will delete them and store the files in Recycle Bin. Whenever we need these files again, we can Restore them. But most of the time when we delete the files in Windows, we may not required them to restore. Keeping the files in Recycle Bin will need more disk space. So if we delete the files directly without keeping them in Recycle Bin we can save disk space.


There are two ways we can do this, to instruct the Windows to not to keep the deleted file in Recycle Bin. One way is:


Step 1: Select the file or folder you want to remove.

Step 2: Press & hold the Shift key and then press Delete key. That means, Shift + Delete key combination. Windows will prompt the message:


Delete File
Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?
Yes No

Step 3: Press Yes to delete the file or folder permanently, without storing the deleted file / folder in Recycle Bin.

This way, we always press Shift key whenever we remove / delete the file. And if we delete the file, we can press the Shift key to not to store the deleted file in Recycle Bin. But how about, Applications delete the file.? Then, we have to look for other way, which is changing the Windows configuration to not to store the deleted files in Recycle Bin.


Below are the steps to change the Windows configuration; such a way that, by default, Windows will not store the deleted files in Recycle Bin.


Step 1: Right click on Recycle Bin icon on Windows Desktop and click on Properties.

Step 2: Windows will open Recycle Bin Properties window to allow the user to manage the properties.

Recycle Bin Properties window

Recycle Bin Properties window

Step 3: Select the radio button / option “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin.Remove files immediately when deleted.” option.

Step 4: Click on OK button.

Step 5: Now you can try deleting the file. Observe that the file won’t be available in Recycle Bin.


Please note that, once delete the files permanently, we can’t restore them through Recycle Bin.

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