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Joomla 3: Adding and Modifying Users

Joomla 3 - "User Manager: Add New User" page

In Joomla 3, user management is handled through “User Manager”. A user is a person; can authorized to access Joomla components. Through this article I am going to explain how we can add/modify user through “User Manager”. Step 1. Log-in…

Joomla 3: Creating categories

Joomla 3 - "Category Manager: Add A New Articles Category" page

Categories are used to categorize articles added in Joomla. In this article we will look into how to create categories. Step 1. Log-in into Joomla as an administrator. Joomla will open “Control Panel” page. Step 2. Click on “Category Manager”…

Joomla 3: Creating articles

Joomla 3 - "Article Manager: Add New Article" page

Joomla provides simple users interface to allow the users to create articles. Step 1. Log-in into your Joomla based website as an administrator. Joomla will display the Control Panel. Step 2. Click on “Add New Article” link which is in…