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Skype: Adding Contacts

Skype - "Add Contact" menu

We can add contacts into our Skype accounts through two ways. One is by adding a phone number and another one is by searching Skype directory to find existing contacts and add them into our account. This article explains different…

Skype: Change password

Skype - "Change Password" dialog

Skype allows to change your password once you logged into your Skype account. Below steps explains how to change your account’s password in Skype application. Step (1). Open Skype application Step (2). Sign-in into Skype by giving user credentials. Step…

Skype: Update to new version

Skype - "Updates are ready to install" dialog

Skype provides a simple way to upgrade to new versions from its check for updates feature. This feature checks for any updates available for Skype, download and install them. This article explains the steps to upgrade to new version of…