Spring Boot – An Overview

In this article let’s discuss the overview of Spring Boot. It is lightweight to Spring Framework. Spring Boot helps in simplifying the development process. It helps in the creation of standalone, production-ready applications easily; use of annotations, simplify setting up and configuring the services. Spring Boot provides us with a modern pattern for developing web […]

Java – Networking using Sockets

What is Networking? Networking in Java, is the concept of establishing a connection between two computing devices, the Client and the Server, that are running on two different JREs. This connection gets established at the TCP layer. There can be n number of Clients that interact with the Server. Networking provides the sharing of data […]

Serialization in Java

Have you ever thought of storing the object information into a file or stream and retrieve it back when required? Java Serialization allows us to do this. Serialization is the process of converting a Java object into a stream of bytes. And deserialization is the reverse process, where the byte stream is converted to recreate the […]

Modules in Java

Modules in Java were introduced in Java 9 version. There were many other features that were added in Java 9, in addition to Modularity. But, this was an important decision made to modularize entire Java. The entire JDK and the rt.jar file were broken down into different modules containing packages. Even the coders can develop […]

Java – Lambda Expressions

Lambda expressions in Java deal with functional programming. It is an introduction to functional programming in Java. Lambda expressions were introduced in Java 8 version. They were introduced to provide implementations to functional interfaces and also provide a simpler way of working with functional interfaces. What is a Functional Interface? An interface is termed to […]

Java Beans – An Introduction

Basic JavaBeans are nothing but POJOs. Before discussing about JavaBeans; let’s have a quick look at POJOs. POJO (Plain Old Java Object) is a term used to indicate that it is not a special Java object (not developed using any framework or any other technology); rather it is an ordinary plain simple Java object. The term POJO […]

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