Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office 2013 – How to verify the Office installation is Click-to-Run or MSI-based installation?

¬†Usually when we install Microsoft Applications; we install them by clicking on the Setup file(s). The setup will takes us through the installation steps (wizards) to install the Application(s). This type of installation is MSI-based installation. Through this, the whole Product (with selected features) will be installed on the specified System. Microsoft provides another type […]

Outlook Add-In : Creating a Simple Add-In Using C#

I am really excited to write this Article, on Microsoft Office Object Model.¬†To extend the functionalities of Microsoft Office Applications (like Excel, Word, etc.,) Microsoft has provided Office Object Model. Let me give a brief introduction to Microsoft Office Development. Microsoft has provided Object Models to allow to extend the functionalities of Microsoft Applications. These […]

How to manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Office?

Add-Ins are useful to provide additional functionality or features in Microsoft Office Applications. That means, Add-ins are useful to extend the Application features. To enable the feature, we need to enable the Add-In. This article explains, how to manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Office Applications. This article applies to: Microsoft Office 2010 Step (1). Open Microsoft […]

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