Ruby Programming – Inheritance in Ruby

Inheritance is one of the great feature in Object Oriented Programming. Ruby supports inheritance. Inheritance allows to inherit the features of the base classes to its derived classes. That means, through derived class objects we can access the features of the base class. Through this Article, we will discuss how we use Inheritance in Ruby. […]

Ruby Programming – Interactive shell

Once we installed Ruby, we will get one powerful command line interactive Ruby-programming environment called irb (Interactive Ruby). irb is a command line interpreter allowed to enter Ruby commands and instantly see the results in the environment itself. This is very useful when learning Ruby. In this article we will discuss about invoking ruby command-line interpreter, […]

Ruby Programming: An Introduction

Ruby is a popular open source, cross-platform, object-oriented, dynamic, scripting, interpreted programming language. It was invented in the year 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz). Ruby is cross-platform, that means if we develop a Ruby program based on one machine; it’s likely to run the same program without any changes on different machines. In order to develop or run […]

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