Win32 Programming – How to create a simple Console based application?

Microsoft Windows’s Win32 API (Application Programming Interface) is for developing applications on 32-bit Windows platforms. Win32 also introduced API functions for 64-bit applications. So, using Win32 API we can develop both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Programming using Win32 API is a bit difficult compared to programming using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). MFC is a framework […]

JSP – Scripting Elements

We can use JSP pages to write presentation logic to separate the business logic from presentation layer. Once the JSP page is requested; web-server translates into a Servlet and Servlet will insert the business logic wherever required. To write the presentation logic in JSP we need JSP elements. In this article I am going to discuss […]

JSP – An Introduction

Java Server Pages (JSP) is a technology used to create dynamic content for web pages. How different it is from a normal HTML file? There is a lot of difference. Normal HTML files are served by the web servers whenever the user requests the file. Also, JSP pages are served by web servers. But there […]

MFC – How to create user-defined messages and their message handlers?

Windows based user interface applications are message driven. When a message is generated, its associated message handler will be executed. MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) framework enables to write message driven applications more easily. MFC provides CCmdTraget class for this purpose. In this article I am going to explain the steps to create user-defined messages and […]

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