IClassFactory interface

COM – Creating a COM Component using C++ – Summary of component development

Finally we have successfully developed our COM component HelloComponent using C++. Lets summarize how we developed our COM component in this article. Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) is a specification to allow to write re-usable components and enables them to communicate each other. COM depends on interfaces to achieve its goals. One of the main interface is […]

COM – Creating a COM Component using C++ – IClassFactory implementation

CoCreateInstance depends on IClassFactory to create class instances. We have looked into IClassFactory‘s methods and we have implemented these methods in our previous article. Let’s include IClassFactory‘s implementation into our HelloComponent. We already have HelloComponent‘s declaration in the “HelloComponent.h” file and its implementation in the “HelloComponent.cpp” file. In the same way, we will add the IClassFactory […]

COM – Creating a COM Component using C++ – IClassFactory

In our previous article, we have identified that CoCreateFunction is requesting an instance of IClassFactory. Why CoCreateInstance is requesting an instance of IClassFactory? One of the goals of the COM is to locate the objects easily without worrying about where they are located and where they are housed; whether they are housed in in-process, local, or remote. in-process means, the […]

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