Ruby Programming – Inheritance in Ruby

Inheritance is one of the great feature in Object Oriented Programming. Ruby supports inheritance. Inheritance allows to inherit the features of the base classes to its derived classes. That means, through derived class objects we can access the features of the base class. Through this Article, we will discuss how we use Inheritance in Ruby. […]

C# – Classes – An Introduction

‘C#’ classes are code blocks that combine data and operations those work on the data. ‘C#’ classes enables Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts of encapsulation and abstraction. Encapsulation means combining data and the operations apply on the data together. Abstraction means hiding the details to outer world. ‘C#’ classes are created using the class keyword. Below […]

C++ – Multiple Inheritance – Virtual inheritance to overcome inheritance ambiguity

Another interesting feature of Object Oriented Programming is it’s inheritance. Inheritance inherits the behavior or attributes from it’s parent or base classes to the derived classes. C++ uses virtual inheritance to overcome the inheritance ambiguity in multiple-inheritance. Multiple inheritance means, derived classes inherit from multiple base classes. Inheritance ambiguity will occur when derived class object is […]

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