How to add Charts in Microsoft Word document?

Microsoft Word is the powerful and famous word document software with lot of features. This article explains adding charts in Microsoft Word document.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word 2010 Professional Edition.

Step (1). Open Microsoft Word and create a New document. (OR) You can open any of the existing Microsoft Word document.

Step (2). Once the document is created / opened, click on Insert menu. It will display Insert menu items.

Step (3). Now select Chart item from Illustrations section. It will open Insert Chart dialog to allow you to select the type of chart you want to display. Some of the available chart types are Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, X Y (Scatter), Stock, Surface, Doughnut, Bubble and Radar.

Step (4). Select the Chart you want to display and then click on OK button. It will display the selected Chart in the Word document.

Step (5). The displayed Chart is based on the provided data. Microsoft Word by default provides the data in Microsoft Excel while creating the Chart.

Step (6). You can adjust the data in Excel spreadsheet which was opened by Microsoft Word and the changes will reflect in the Chart.

Step (7). Follow the below steps if you want to Edit the Data where Chart points to.

Step (7a). Select the Chart. It will show Chart Tools menu.

Step (7b). Select Edit Data item under Design section. It will open the Excel where the Chart points to.

Step (8). Follow the below steps if you want to select different data for Chart.

Step (8a). Select the Chart. It will show Chart Tools menu.

Step (8b). From Design section, select Select Data item. It will open Select Data Source dialog to allow you to select the valid data source for the Chart.

Step (8c). In the Chart data range: field, select the valid data range from the Excel. It will reflect in the Chart. You can adjust the Series and Categories fields based on your Chart requirements.

Once you made the changes into your Document, save the Document. Now you will see the Chart in the Microsoft Word Document.

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