How to add additional clocks in Windows?

Based on the system settings the system clock will display on the Task bar. By default it will show only one clock depending on the regional settings. It is possible to show two more clocks along with the default system clock; so that you can view 3 different times at a time. Below article explains how to set these clocks:

This article applies to:

  • Windows 7 Operating System

Step (1). Click on system clock on task bar. It will open system clock.

Step (2). Click on Change date and time settings… on system clock. It will open Date and Time dialog.

Step (3). Now you will see “Date and Time” & “Additional Clocks” tabs. Click on Additional Clocks tab.

Step (4). Additional Clocks tab allows the user to select two more additional clocks. Each additional clock is enabled by selecting Show this clock check box.

Step (5). Once you select the Show this clock check box, select appropriate time zone from Select time zone: fields and provide the name for additional clocks in Enter display name: fields.

Step (6). Once you made all the necessary changes, click on OK button to save and apply your changes.

You will see additional clocks when you open the system clock window. Additional clocks will display along with the default system clock.

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