How to create cron jobs in cPanel?

Cron jobs are useful to automate certain commands or scripts to run at a specific time. This article explains how to create a cron job in cPanel.

This article applies to:

  • HostGator Control Panel.

Step (1). Go to your cPanel. Click on Cron Jobs. It will open cron jobs page to allow the users to configure cron jobs.

Step (2). Under Add New Cron Job provide the following values:

Step (2a): Provide the details how frequently you want to run the cron job in Common Settings: fields.

Step (2b): When you select the common settings for Common Settings: field, automatically Minute:, Hour:, Day:, Month: and Weekday: fields get populated with the selected common settings. You can update these fields based on your requirements.

Step (2c): Now provide the command or script you want to run in Command: field. It will execute when cron job runs.

Step (2d): Click on “Add New Cron Job button to add the cron job.

Once the cron job is added, it will display the cron job under Current Cron Jobs list. Under Current Cron Jobs list, for each cron job it will display Edit and Delete buttons to allow the user to edit and delete the cron jobs respectively.

Cron Email: If you want cron to send an email every time it runs the cron job, you need to provide the email in Email: field under Cron Email section and click on Update Email button.

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