Windows 7: How to open Folder Options dialog in Windows Explorer?

Windows Explorer allows to change the way files or folders appeared and also allows to change the behavior when you click on the files or folders through Folder Options dialog. In this article we will discuss how to open Folder Options dialog in Windows Explorer.

Step 1. Before starting this I must recommend you to read this article.

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Step 2. Click on Tools menu item from the Menu bar. This will show Tools menu.

Step 3. From Tools menu, click on Folder options… menu item.

Tools menu

Tools menu

Step 4. Once you click on Folder options… menu item, Windows Explorer will display a Folder Options dialog allows you to change the way files or folders will function.


Folder Options dialog

Step 5. Modify the options you want. Also notice that Restore Defaults button in General tab. This will be useful to restore the original settings.

Click on OK or Apply button to apply the changes. Or click on Cancel button to do not apply any of the changes. When you click on Apply button the Folder Options dialog will not close but still allows you to do modifications.


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